Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked Roofing Questions

  1. Q: How do I know when to replace my Tar and Gravel roof?

    A: The average life span of a tar and gravel roof is 20 years. If there are bare spots or cracks in the membrane you definitely need to look into a roof repair or a new roof. We would be happy to give you a free assessment.back to top

  2. Q: What is the difference between a Tar and Gravel Roof and a Torch-on or SBS Roof?

    A: Tar and Gravel roofs are a proven roof system and were at one time the most popular way of doing flat roofs. However with new technologies SBS or Torch-on roofs are now becoming more popular. SBS roofs are more pliable and flexible, they are resistent to the cold. SBS roofs have a continuous water barrier with greater elasticity. SBS roofs also come in different colours where as tar and gravel only comes in one.
    With the SBS roofs, granules are embedded in the roof so it has built in UV protection. With the Tar and Gravel roof the gravel is put on after and can be subjected to the weather such as high winds blowing the gravel off and leaving the membrane exposed to UV rays. back to top

  3. Q: Which roof is lower maintenance, and SBS roof or a Tar and Gravel roof?

    A: SBS or Torch-on Roof are lower maintenance than Tar and Gravel Roof back to top

  4. Q: Why is my roof leaking?

    A: The main issue is age, they generally start leaking when they are old as the materials break down because there has not been any maintenance done on the roof.

    If a roof leaks within the first few years of being done it is most likely around an apperture on the roof, septic flashing, an air vent, or a drain.

    Condensation is also a very common problem on the bottom of the roof deck. This occurs with prolonged periods of time with high humidity in the house (especially in the winter). This can be resolved by increasing the insulation value in the house and keeping humidiy to a minimum during the cold months.

    Sometimes fan vents will not go through the roof properly and are vented into the attic. Moist warm air from showers can condensate in the attic, make sure fans are vented properly through attic or wall.

    Please call one of our experts for a free assessment. back to top

  5. Q: What should the building owner be doing for roof maintenance?

    A: It is important to clear away tree branches and any other objects which could rub on the roof and damage the roof membrane.

    For a Tar and Gravel roof make sure there are no bare spots. If the wind blows the gravel off the roof you will need to have the gravel re-applied, pushing the gravel back won’t work because it will just blow off again. Call and we will give you a free assessment of your roofs condition.

    SBS roofs generally require no maintenance. back to top